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Bring your Vision to Life with Aquarium Architect

Sydney’s leading experts in custom fish tanks, luxury aquarium design, installation and maintenance.

We work with home owners, Builders and Architects to provide contemporary, innovative Custom Aquariums for hospitality venues, corporate, commercial and living spaces.

From conception to completion, we manage your entire project ensuring that your new aquarium aesthetically appeals to your interior design.


Why Choose Us?

Innovative Designs

Professional design is at the heart of a successful aquarium. Proper filtration is vital, especially in Saltwater, Discus and Cichlid Aquariums. LED Lighting, custom cabinetry, glass etching are just some the basics of what we provide.

Complete Custom Aquarium Installations

We work with Builders, Architects and Interior designers to ensure that your design aesthetically appeals to the space. Our aquariums have our trademark minimalist style which blends seamlessly with the interior space

VIP Support and Maintenance Service

VIP Support and Maintenance Service – We have a physical address, so you can either visit us or we are phone call away if you need us further down the track. Our highly skilled Team provide post-installation support and maintenance service packages to suit.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty- We provide 24 months Warranty on all Tanks and equipment. In addition, all our Aquariums are tested for Quality Assurance.

Extensive Project Portfolio

Extensive Project Portfolio-  Since inception more than fifteen years ago, we’ve provided hundreds of satisfied corporate and residential Customers with breathtaking Saltwater, Freshwater Custom Aquariums and Live Seafood Systems.

Aquarium Showroom

Aquarium Showroom – come and see a live demo of our custom tanks and browse our huge selection of fish and livestock from our Sydney showroom. Get a feel for our work and be inspired at the breadth of possibilities on offer.

312Projects Completed
300Positive Reviews

Inspirational Designs from around the World

We are Sydney’s leading high-end bespoke aquarium builder and have crafted innovative designs, utilizing cutting edge technology for hundreds of satisfied corporate and residential clients over the last 15 years. We provide a personalised service, creating a unique focal point in your space.

01Idea conception
We brainstorm with you and listen to your vision
we provide CAD 3D Design concepts and a comprehensive project plan
our team of professionals seamlessly translate your vision into a piece of living art
04Maintenance & Aftercare
our expert team offers professional, ongoing aquarium maintenance service and support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Our Services



We work closely with our Clients and conduct onsite inspections to understand your vision and requirements. We also collaborate with Architects, Builders, Interior Designers to devise solutions based on existing site plans. Whether you are looking to jazz up an existing space or looking to install an aquarium or pond in a new space, we’ve got your covered. We cater for all requirements including elegant Room Divider Aquariums, flush in-Wall Aquariums, and Free Standing Aquariums.

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Design and Installation

Design and Installation

 What sets Aquarium Architect apart is our unique and innovative creative process which enables us to convert your ideas into reality. We produce professional 3D Concept Drawings and videos to demo our design.Our team of highly skilled craftsmen take your vision and construct and install the unique, ever-changing piece of living art for you

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Aquarium Servicing

Aquarium Servicing

Regular maintenance is vital to the overall health of your aquarium. Our dedicated Maintenance Crew will ensure that your tank is cleaned, water parameters are checked and equipment is running smoothly.  We offer a range of scheduled maintenance packages to suit. We also provide a range of other Aquarium Services including Holiday Maintenance and Water Diagnosis.

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Live Seafood Systems

Live Seafood Systems

We have specialised expertise to provide full design and installation of  functional live seafood holding tanks and Aquaculture Systems for Businesses, Restaurants and Hotels. From Live Crab, Lobster and Abalone Restaurant Tanks to Live Murray Cod and Barramundi holding tanks,  we have all your commercial needs covered. We also design and install beautiful ponds and water features.

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Aquarium Showroom

Aquarium Showroom

What sets us apart from the rest is our extensive premium equipment and livestock selection which we have exclusive access to when stocking your newly built custom built aquarium. You can browse our online store or come and visit our Aquarium Showroom where we showcase a massive variety of Freshwater and Saltwater fish, Discus, Coral, Plants and Aquarium equipment from reputed brands.

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We are a multi-disciple aquarium design studio with a dedicated team of professionals with broad expertise in a range of areas including Marine Biology, Aquascaping Artistry, Structural and Electrical Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture, Cabinetry, and Plumbing.

Nicholas PereraFounder/CEO

Designed hundreds of Custom Aquariums over the last 15 years. Founder of leading Aquarium store Sydney Discus World Aquariums.Expertise in Marine Biology,Design & Structural Engineering.

Peter ChandlerProject Manager

Experienced Project Manager, with a speciality in Interior Design, Aquascaping and Marine Biology.

Sue PereraDesign Director

Oversees the CAD 3D Design and ensures the design concept seamlessly fits into the interior design aesthetic and meets customer requirements.
Provides creative direction for Aquascape design, livestock composition, lighting, cabinet work

Richard TranProject Coordinator

Manages projects through their lifecycle. Planted Aquascaping expert, Cabinetry and Joinery artiste.

Nick and his team listened carefully to my project’s objectives and delivered an awesome tank which has a streamlined feature which makes cleaning such a breeze! Not only does the tank look awesome, I know that the biological sump filtration provides the best environment for my fish. I’m so happy with the support they have given us.

S. Martin

My Saltwater Coral tank is such a beautiful masterpiece. The Aquarium Architect team was able to provide me with equipment which allows me to monitor my water parameters even when I’m away from home. They explain everything in detail and I find it so convenient that they have a showroom where I can pick out more fish and coral!

C. Smith

Aquarium Architect went above and beyond to create such a glamorous Marine Aquarium which really complements the luxury, high end design of my residence. They are courteous, informative and provide excellent aftercare, including how to correctly dose and monitor tank parameters. I highly recommend this team and give them 5 stars.

T. Turpie
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